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CFP: second annual IPE Ø/Öresund workshop

After the Crisis?

European crises and emerging alternatives

Wednesday 16th December 2015

Department of Political Science, Copenhagen University

As the Eurozone crisis rumbles on, it has become clear that Europe is mired in manifold political economy crises, which intersect and interact across a number of different dimensions. New models of political engagement have become acutely necessary in light of the Southern countries’ continuing struggles with the Euro, with the refugee crisis, and with a general malaise regarding the democratic legitimacy of the Union. Furthermore, many of Europe’s crises rest in global flows and processes that cannot be restricted to Europe’s borders. This broad CFP therefore invites contributions from across International Political Economy and cognate disciplines to reflect on the dimensions and meanings of crisis, as well as emerging political and economic alternatives within Europe and beyond. 

With the 'IPE Øresund/Öresund' network we would like to generate a loose but sustained network for communication and cooperation between IPE scholars in the region. The group was founded at an initial meeting in Copenhagen on 30 May 2012 attended by scholars of International Political Economy (broadly defined) from the six key academic institutions in the region: University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen Business School, Danish Institute for International Studies, Roskilde University, Lund University and Malmö University. 

This workshop will in that vein take the format of an informal, interdisciplinary group session, followed by a plenary, keynote speech, and optional dinner. The organisation is purposely relaxed, and requires minimal advance preparation. Its aim is to facilitate networks of related projects within the Ö/Øresund region, and to promote cross-border co-operation between researchers (but attendees from outside of Denmark and Sweden are of course equally welcome). We likewise strongly encourage enrolment from all levels of participants, from doctoral researchers to Professor, working in the broad area of International Political Economy. Participants can come to some, or all, of the afternoon.

Interested participants should contact Holly Snaith (Copenhagen University, hs@ifs.ku.dk) with a brief summary of a current research interest (a title and short abstract or bullet point summary) that speaks in some way – however loosely! – to the conference theme, which will then allow attendees to be organised into smaller groups. Participants should then expand on this 72 hours prior to the workshop, in the form of a 1 or 2 page briefing for other attendees to be uploaded to the group dropbox folder, summarising any key issues related to the research topic and any particularly interesting questions arising from it. The topic does not need to be a paper abstract in the conventional sense, but rather can be a more general statement of research interests.

An indicative schedule of the day is as follows:

12-13.00 lunch (provided by Eurochallenge) and general network announcements

13.00-15.00 breakout discussion sessions: brainstorming and summary of projects

15.00-15.30 coffee break

15.30-17.00 plenary feedback session from discussion groups

17.00-18.30 keynote and Q+A

Dorothee Bohle, Professor of Political Science, Central European University, Budapest: Policy Responses to the Great Recession in a Number of Peripheral European Countries

19.00 dinner reservation near the department

Lunch and coffee will be provided free of charge, the final dinner will be optional and paid for by attendees.

Deadline for abstracts: Tuesday 1st December (title and short abstract to hs@ifs.ku.dk).