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EuroChallenge Inaugural Workshop

21-22 November 2013

Main aims of the workshop

One aim was to present the project and its component work packages to an audience of selected discussants, and to have a conversation with them about the ideas guiding the project and how to take EuroChallenge into a cutting-edge research project. A question of great importance was how to secure interdisciplinary work and how to write horizontally across the work packages. Since it is here EuroChallenge is able to do some of its most interesting and innovative work the workshop devoted a session on the second day to discussions about interdisciplinary aspects of EuroChallenge.

Another aim of the workshop was to think about whether and how collaborative links might be developed with other institutions/research projects. The EuroChallenge team of researchers and the invited participants engaged in a conversation about potential synergies between EuroChallenge and other projects/research agendas that could lead to collaboration in some form.

Discussants invited to the workshop

To discuss WP 1 The European Market Space and the New Global Economy: Constructions, Paradigms and Policies

Shaun Breslin, Professor of Politics and International Studies at the University of Warwick and director of the Centre for the Study of Globalisation and Regionalisation (CSGR). Senior Scientist on the FP7 project GR:EEN ('Global Re-ordering: Evolution through European Networks'). Research areas are primarily: Chinese politics and economy, the political economy of East Asia, globalization, regionalism, governance and International Political Economy.

Paul James Cardwell, Reader and Deputy Head of the School of Law and Director of the Sheffield Centre for International and European Law, University of Sheffield. Research areas are: EU external relations and foreign policy, the constitutional order of the EU, regional integration and global governance, the relationship between the EU and international law as well as UK constitutional law.

To discuss WP 2 The European Legal-Politico Space in a New Global Order? The Global Challenges to European Markets, Human Rights and Constitutionalized Democracy

Jan Wouters, Professor and Director of the Leuven Centre for Global Governance Studies, and Director of the Institute for International Law at KU Leuven. Research areas: the relationship between global multilateral organizations, such as the United Nations and the World Trade Organization, and the European Union, the accountability of international organizations, multilevel regulatory interactions between global, European and national/subnational rules and standards, including private standards and the contribution of the European Union to the international rule of law.

Cormac Mac Amhlaigh, Lecturer in Public Law at University of Edinburgh. Research areas: Public law, with a particular focus on UK constitutional law, public law and constitutional theory, the theory and practice of human rights law, post-state law and constitutionalism.

To discuss WP 3 Complex Diversity: the Social and Cultural Interpretations of Changing European and Global Order

John Erik Fossum is Professor at ARENA, University of Oslo. Research areas: Political theory, democracy and constitutionalism in the EU and Canada, Europeanisation and the transformation of the nation-state. Co-architect, substitute coordinator and co-chair of two work-packages of the 5-year long ARENA-led and EU Commission funded (€ 5 million) research project 'Reconstituting Democracy in Europe' (RECON), which involved 20 partner universities across Europe.

Owen Parker, Lecturer in European Politics at University of Sheffield. Research areas: The relationship between Europe as a security/peace project and Europe as a market project, as it pertains to both internal and external EU policies; the politics of citizenship, mobility and identity in the EU, Governance and democracy in 'cosmopolitan' EU, the 'eurozone crisis' and 'social Europe' and policies and politics towards the Roma in Europe.

To discuss interdisciplinary aspects of EuroChallenge

Roberta Guerrina, Senior Lecturer and Head of the School of Politics, University of Surrey. Research areas: sits in the interface between national, European and international politics, particularly with reference to the role of gender values/norms in shaping policy agendas. Has participated in multidisciplinary projects and is responsible for the work package providing detailed policy analysis of current European and national approaches to active citizenship and promoting political participation in the FP7 Project PIDOP (Processes Informing Democratic Ownership and Participation).


The full programme of the workshop can be downloaded here.