ESA Midterm Conference 2014 – University of Copenhagen

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EuroChallenge at the University of Copenhagen hosted the

Third Midterm Conference of the European Political Sociology Research Network (RN32) of ESA (European Sociological Association)

Conference Topic: Europe’s Global Challenges: Society, Politics, Markets

More than 120 people registered for the 2014 ESA conference hosted this year by EuroChallenge at the University of Copenhagen. The participant list featured a wide variety of nationalities and academic backgrounds contributing with different takes on the current challenges facing the EU.

Europe finds itself in a time of turmoil and crisis. This conference will provide a platform for discussing the internal crisis of the project of European integration in relation to the global challenges, which European societies are currently facing. We wish to examine the role of political sociology as a discipline that can enhance the understanding of ever more complex relationships between (nation) states, supranational institutions and (trans)national society. We also wish to develop a more thorough understanding of the consequences of crises for state-society relations in a comparative perspective and in relation to the project of European integration.


Friday 28 November, the conference was initiated by a plenary panel debate moderated by Professor Marlene Wind.


The debate took its starting point in the arguments presented by Professor Jan Zielonka in his latest book "Is the EU doomed?". After short presentations by the individual panelists, the audience was asked to engage in the discussion on the future of the European project. Will the EU continue in its current state? Are we ready to move ahead with further integration? Or is the collaboration about to dissolve?

Subsequently, the plenary was divided into parallel sessions.

Friday 28 November

1st Parallel Panel Session

  • Moving Europe: The Politics of Migration and Identity
  • Grassroots Economic Activism in Times of Crisis and Precariousness: Social Resilience and New Socio-Political Practices
  • The European Market Space in Times of Crisis

2nd Parallel Panel Session

    • Migrants in Europe (I): Between Urban Segregation and the Global Crisis,
    • Professional and Political Fields in Europe: Governing at a Distance and Concepts of Control
    • The EU, Economic Governance and the Power of Economic Ideas

    3rd Parallel Panel Session

    • Migrants in Europe (II): Migration, Socialisation, Participation
    • Crisis, Inequality and Citizenship
    • Symbols and Myths in European Integration

    Saturday 29 November

    4th Parallel Panel Session

    • Crisis and Media
    • Fields of Global Governance: How Transnational Power Elites Can Make Global Governance Intelligible
    • Cultural Spaces and Civic Engagement
    • Nationalism and Radical Right Populism in the European Space: Economic, Cultural and Political Issues (I)

    5th Parallel Panel Session

    • The European Social-Cultural Space and the New Global Order
    • Europe and the Globalization of Security and Liberty
    • Citizenship and Political Engagement in Times of Crisis
    • Nationalism and Radical Right Populism in the European Space: Economic, Cultural and Political Issues (II)

    Watch the opening plenary debate below