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About EuroChallenge

EuroChallenge was a major research project that addressed the place of Europe in the context of a rapidly and radically changing global order. It originated from EURECO the existing interdisciplinary initiative between the Faculty of Humanities, the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Social Sciences for European research at the University of Copenhagen. The Research Centres involved in the project was CEP, CEMES, and iCourts. The project was funded by the UCPH 2016 funds and ran from 2013-2017.

Work Packages

The project was organised into three work packages (WP), each inherently interdisciplinary in design and personnel.

  • Work Package I. The European Market Space and the New Global Economy: Constructions, Paradigms and Politicies.
  • Work Package II. The European Legal-Politico Space in a New Global Order? The Global Challenges to European Markets, Human Rights and Constitutionalized Democracy.
  • Work Package III. Complex Diversity: The Social and Cultural Interpretations of Changing European and Global Order.